Why our parents love HSC…

Our safe and nurturing community

Community size
HSC is a large (1160 students), resource rich college, with four small schools – the best of both worlds.

Junior School (18 months - Grade 4) – 175
Montessori School (18 months - nine years old) – 190
Middle School (Grades 5-8) – 315
Senior School (Grades 9-12) -480

Food Services
HSC offers daily nutritious lunches. Students of all ages enjoy a family-style meal in Lawson Hall. Tuition covers this value added service. Click here for the weekly menu.

We offer daily, main-route bus service to most of the communities surrounding the College including:  Waterdown, Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Brantford, and Stoney Creek. This is a value-added service and additional fees are not charged. At the end of the school day the buses take children home at 3:40 p.m. A second run is provided at 5:00 p.m. Approximately 900 students, on 29 buses, use this daily service.

Our Parents’ Guild plays a central role in volunteering at the College. This dedicated group of parents welcomes volunteers and provides opportunities to participate in a variety of activities and events. Parent volunteers may also help in the Early Education Library and are often invited to accompany school trips.

School Hours
Providing a safe and nurturing environment while our students are on campus is our priority. Our buses arrive on campus between 8:20 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. each day. Classes end by 3:30 p.m. and students who are not otherwise engaged in a school activity, may ride the early bus home at 3:40 p.m. Extra-curricular activities run approximately from 3:45 p.m. to 4:45p.m. Students engaged in these, or other after-school activities, travel home on the late bus at 5:00 p.m. 

Health Services
The College employs full-time staff as part of our wellness program, Staff includes a registered nurse, college counsellor, and athletic therapist. 

Our Academic Excellence

Academic History
Since 1901, we have provided extraordinary co-educational day school opportunities that prepare students for post-secondary education and life.

AP Program
Our students consistently score above national and international averages on Advanced Placement (AP) exams. Since 2006, over 120 students have been named AP Scholars at some level. Currently, 9 AP courses are offered in the Senior School. Please click here to learn more about our Advanced Placement Program. 

HSC Graduates
Last year, 99% of our graduates were accepted into the post-secondary institution of choice including the program of choice.  Approximately 65% choose programs in science, computer science, math and business programs. Click here to view where our graduates go in their Post-Secondary endeavors. 

HSC faculty are certified to teach in the province of Ontario and hold degrees in education. The College contributes to the Ontario Teacher’s Pension Plan. Our Montessori teachers have all graduated from an accredited Montessori teacher education program. Retention rates for all faculty and staff exceed 95% annually. 

Our Leadership and Co-curricular Opportunities

HSC offers recreational, development, and competitive athletic opportunities. We compete with other CAIS Independent Schools throughout the Golden Horseshoe, provincially and sometimes across Canada. At the senior level, students have the opportunity to qualify for OFSAA competition through Independent School league participation.

Children are able to stay for co-curricular activities starting in the Junior and Montessori Schools at six years of age. Opportunities are offered in a variety of arts, athletic, community service and academic activities. Mandatory participation, of no less than two days per week, is required of students in Grades 5-10, and are optional, but still highly subscribed by students in Grades 11-12. 

For an overview of our Middle School Leadership Opportunities, click here.
For an overview of our Senior School Leadership Opportunities, click here

HSC has invested over $42 million in campus improvements since 2010.  The new Michael G. DeGroote Centre for Excellence has transformed our campus, offering a revolutionized approach to delivering quality education. In the fall of 2015, four competition level tennis courts were added to our 50 acre campus located on the top of the escarpment.

Our Individualized Attention

Class size
Our students under the age of five years and three years have teacher to student ratios of 1:8 and 1:5 respectively. Our classrooms with students of six years to nine years have on average 16-18 students per class. Middle School (Grades 5-8) class average is 18-20 and our Senior School class size will not exceed 22 students. In most cases, it is less than this.

Subject specific Faculty and Teaching Assistants
HSC faculty hold a vast array of advanced degrees and subject specific certifications. Faculty are accessible by parents and students to ensure personalized attention and individualized support is provided. Our Senior School students enjoy daily access to dedicated Teaching Assistants through our Student Success Center, who support personal academic goals.

Student Success
Each school has a student success program made up of Learning Services professionals and counsellors. These programs offer comprehensive support for mission appropriate students that have unique learning profiles.

Tutorial Leaders
Tutorial leaders are Senior School faculty who are responsible in monitoring a student’s progress in all aspects of school life, including academics and extra-curriculars. A tutorial leader provides ongoing guidance, mentoring, feedback and support while taking a personal interest in the student and encouraging them to reach their maximum potential. Every Senior School student is assigned to a tutorial leader and this faculty member is also a central point of contact for parents.


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