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The Senior School actively invites, engages and excites its students to explore, discover and learn. We do not send a finished product into the world, but rather a student who has acquired the knowledge and developed the skills, attitude and love of learning that will ensure their success in our ever-changing world.
- Rick Kunc, Senior School Principal

At Hillfield Strathallan College, the Senior School takes great pride in creating a responsive educational environment that provides each student with a wide range of opportunities designed to extend them as learners and challenge them as individuals while helping to ensure that they are well equipped to explore and embrace the broader academic, social, and co-curricular dimensions of their lives.

Our professional, caring and collaborative faculty and support staff ensure that students are welcomed into the HSC community and are supported throughout their Senior School years. In an academic environment that is driven by student inquiry, creativity and innovation, our teaching staff facilitate, coach and mentor our students, building on their individual skills and interests while meeting the Ontario curriculum. Our staff works tirelessly to support our young adults as they discover the breadth of possibilities of the global community, and to begin to take ownership for the educational pathways that will lead them into their futures.

With an enrolment of just under 500 students from Grades 9 through 12, the Senior School at HSC is perfectly positioned to offer an impressive breadth of programmatic opportunities, while still maintaining a "small school" feeling. A full range of university preparatory courses provides the academic depth and rigour that are required to prepare students for post-secondary entrance. Under the coordinated umbrella of the Student Success Centre (SCC), every student is able to receive the individualized support and guidance that he or she requires to maximize his or her academic success. Additionally, the Senior School strives to identify mechanisms for enriching and extending our curricular offerings through programs such as Advanced Placement, co-curricular trips and events, science fairs, math contests, and the accelerated math and French language programs.

HSC believes in the importance of participation and exposure to co-curricular programs that enhance the school experience. These opportunities are varied and student involvement is an expectation. All students are provided opportunity to honour, celebrate, and engage with our diverse cultures within the college, in the local community and internationally. Students with an artistic passion have wonderful opportunities through our dramatic arts, visual arts and choral and instrumental music programs. And our student athletes have access to a wide range of interscholastic varsity teams and recreational sports. These opportunities in the senior school provide another pathway for students to explore their passions and talents and develop a respect for school-life balance.

Community service and student leadership are integrated into student life at HSC. Senior School students take a genuine interest in the needs and concerns of their community and give selflessly of their time and energy as volunteers and fundraisers. Formal student leadership opportunities exist at HSC such as Students’ Council, House Leadership, Peer Tutoring, and the College's Prefect group. In addition to these opportunities every student in the Senior School is encouraged and supported in their efforts to initiate programs that augment the Senior School culture.

Hillfield Strathallan College is committed to promoting excellence in everything that we do. The Senior School is the final step in a journey that will prepare them to live with purpose—to understand their world, inspire, lead, act and make a difference in their own unique ways.

Rick Kunc
Senior School Principal



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