College Life

Welcome to The Living Room 

The Living Room is an interactive children’s museum designed by and for our students.  Here you are the scientist and what you choose to study is up to you.  Your research assistant Ms. Rogers will help you along the way as you create your own project.  Build a fossil collection, teach other students, investigate a subject that interests you, provide care for our animal collection, research and raise money for a cause – the choice is yours, and you make it happen. 

How do I sign up?

Come down to The Living Room on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday morning between 8:45 and 9:30 and make an appointment.  If you are in Grade Four or above  you may make an appointment by email.

Where is The Living Room?

The Living Room is located in the Elementary Learning Commons.

When can I work on my project?

Appointments for students in Grade Three or higher are generally held during recesses.  We will definitely find time for what you want to do.

Do I have to work alone?

Who you work with is your choice.  Just make sure that you know what agree on a subject that interests everyone in the group.

Will I be graded on my work?

No.  You’ll have the opportunity to learn. create and share, and your teacher will know what you have been working on.  (By the way, You won’t be graded on your work when you grow up, either.  )

Can I drop by just to visit?

The Living Room schedule gets very full.  Please make an appointment if you would like to come.

Remember: first choose a subject that interests you, and then make an appointment.



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