Middle School

Welcome to Middle School

HSC’s Middle School goals are to foster creativity and innovation, and to develop the positive mindset and personal growth of our students. We strive to guide students to live with purpose and learn with joy. In essence, we prepare them to meet their future.
 - Martin Ward-Doran, Middle School Principal

The Middle School is an active learning environment of 320 students in Grades 5–8. We provide a positive and supportive atmosphere uniquely suited to the needs of this age group. A key feature of the Middle School is our small community of learners and the outstanding student-teacher ratio it provides. Classes are small, providing students with the support they require to reach their potential. 

Student interests are acknowledged and realized here, evident in the buzz of activity that extends from early morning until well after the regular school day is over. 

Middle School focuses on the development of the skills necessary for future academic and personal success. Here, students are guided through the sometimes difficult transition from childhood into young adulthood. Our teachers provide an exceptional level of commitment to meeting each student’s needs, promoting skills for lifelong learning. We promote responsibility through a highly developed and successful leadership program where independence, self-esteem and self-confidence thrive. 

The Middle School curriculum and the teaching methods are continually reviewed and refined; all faculty members are encouraged to reflect on their professional practice in order to improve and support student learning. A wide variety of teaching and learning methods and strategies is used in each class in the Middle School to meet the learning styles of our students. 

A key to helping each child reach their full intellectual potential, lies in the creation of close relationships between students and their teachers. This is built upon mutual trust and respect. The support and rapport found in the Middle School environment is a cornerstone of our success, as we help each student to develop their attitudes about self, others and their world. 

Students are encouraged to pursue their interests–in the arts, athletics, drama and academic enrichment. Co-curricular activities in the arts and athletics enhance the learning process and promote a sense of unity, social interaction, physical and emotional health. Students are encouraged to participate in a wide-range of activities such as team sports, recreational sports and activities, drama performances, and choral and instrumental music. Leadership opportunities are also provided for students across all four grade levels, affording each student the opportunity to pursue an area of interest. The Middle School House Captains, House Sports Representatives and other formal leadership positions play an important role in the Middle School. Further, students are offered leadership opportunities through their form classes and our house system. 

The most recent enhancement to the Middle School Program includes the development and implementation of an Outdoor Education Program across all four grades. Students in the Middle School are provided with opportunities to explore the formal curriculum in a “real world” setting. Students create stronger bonds with each other, and they also develop a stronger appreciation and understanding for their environment. In the Middle School, we support these goals of providing more opportunities for our students to take part in developing a richer and greater appreciation for our world. Additionally, we also believe that these enhanced programs help to deliver the curriculum in a meaningful and exciting manner, while ensuring that our students can take careful and controlled risks in a safe and nurturing environment. Additionally, Middle School students are also provided with opportunities to participate in field trip extensions of their courses, such as our exciting French Exchange Program. 

I invite you to explore the Middle School, a place where students are encouraged to grow, to explore and to experience the many wonders of learning. 

Martin Ward-Doran,
Middle School Principal



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