Junior School


Pre-Kindergarten Program Overview

The goal of Hillfield Strathallan College’s Junior School Pre-Kindergarten program is to provide a happy, safe and stimulating environment where each child feels welcome and secure.  We will give your children opportunities to experience both challenge and success.

The overall program objectives are to:

  • instil a love of learning, and make learning authentic and meaningful
  • learn classroom routines, procedures and expectations and to develop independence with skills such as dressing and washroom routines
  • adjust to a new school environment and to demonstrate enthusiasm towards school
  • interact positively with children and adults, and express a caring attitude toward others
  • develop responsibility for one’s own belongings and respect for the property of others
  • take responsibility for the classroom environment by tidying up when finished with an activity
  • promote active listening and the ability to follow directions through participation in classroom discussions and circle activities
  • develop pincer grip with chalk and chalk board, pencils, pastels and tracing activities
  • acquire tracing skills of various enclosed shapes
  • develop gross and small motor muscles in preparation for printing skills
  • develop courtesy, self-confidence and co-operation


  • demonstrate solitary play and social interaction with peers
  • model positive and acceptable behaviour
  • role play: imitating the actions of significant others in the child’s life
  • discover cause and effect: consequences of the child’s actions
  • enhance creativity and imagination
  • develop gross motor skills


  • utilize various materials such as glue, paint, pencils, markers, crayons, playdough, scissors, etc. to develop fine motor skills
  • use texture, colour, imagination and creativity to create works of art
  • participate in regular music and movement lessons, listening to music, learning through drama
  • explore with sensory activities (i.e. with sand and water)


  • develop enjoyment of stories, poems and nursery rhymes
  • hone listening skills and concentration
  • improve upon verbal skills (i.e. use of words to express feelings, emotions, manners)
  • actively participate in classroom discussions
  • learn sequencing skills - top to bottom, left to right progression
  • recognize child’s own first name
  • introduce upper and lower case letters and their sounds
  • discriminate between upper and lower case letters
  • develop rhyming skills
  • organize thought process to share ideas and stories


  • understand simple sorting (same, different)
  • understand concepts such as big/little, tall/short, smallest/biggest
  • identify basic shapes
  • count by rote to 10
  • become familiar with numerals to 10

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