Middle School

Leadership Opportunities in the Middle School

Students in Middle School are encouraged to become involved in Leadership Opportunities in Middle School. Through co-curricular activities, participation in House Activities, and involvement in school committees, all students across all four grades, have an opportunity to be involved in various leadership opportunities. 

Grade 8 students can become leaders of committees where they work with teacher advisors to develop a variety of leadership skills. The focus of each committee is to encourage students to be of service to others, while teaching them to effectively influence and motivate others.  The different committees plan and carry out activities throughout the year and include social activities (dances) and service events.  Service to others inspires a meaningful purpose to each committee, and it gives both leaders and members a shared vision of their goals. 

Through weekly meetings with their staff advisors, student leaders develop the skills needed to plan their special events or projects.  Students will learn leadership skills such as: how to work collaboratively as a team, project planning, problem solving, decision making, goal setting, time management, and effective communication.  They will learn these skills through genuine service-oriented experiences where they are legitimately involved in the decision-making process.  Students in grades 5 to 7 can become a member of a committee and play an important role in supporting the major events being organized.  Committee Leaders meet every Monday morning from 8:40 to 9:00 a.m.  Full committee meetings occur once a month from 8:40 to 9:10 a.m. 

House Captains 

Purpose:  These student leaders are responsible for helping set and achieve House goals, organizing House events, chairing meetings, and assisting the faculty with special events and parent meetings. 

Each House in the Middle School is directed by two House Captains.  They are selected as those who, in the opinion of their peers and faculty, have shown responsibility in the areas of academics, activities, and leadership.  House Captains are required to go through an application process in the spring of their grade 7 year.  They must have participated in a committee in Grade 7, completed an application, and prepared and presented a speech to their House.  House members and staff vote to determine the two House Captains for their House.  This group meets weekly to discuss individual leader skills and intrapersonal leadership skills.  They help to organize House Games and a major focus is to sustain both school and House spirit throughout the year.  They choose a special project for the year, and work with committee leaders to support their events. 

Faculty Advisor:  Mrs. Rocca 

Community Awareness Committee (CAC) 

Purpose:  To provide support to people in the local community through involvement in events and through various fundraising initiatives.

This group of students forms in the fall of the current school year. The committee chairs are Grade 8 students, and there are representatives from each class on this committee. Several major events are held throughout the year to assist local charities. These include the Neighbour to Neighbour Food Bank, the St. Matthew’s House Christmas Charity, and Hamilton Children’s Hospital fundraising (Cops and Cats). 

Faculty Advisor: Mr. Dean 

Environment Committee 

Purpose:  To provide an opportunity for students to develop environmental awareness and to take a leadership role in promoting responsibility with ‘real’ environmental issues.

This group of students forms in the fall of the current school year. The committee chairs are Grade 8 students, and there are representatives from each class on this committee. The students will focus on preparing events for Earth Week and also take an active role in educating their peers about environmental issues throughout the school year.  Members discuss ways to help the HSC environment and look to making a difference beyond the College.  They are presently involved in a 4-year pop tab collection. 

Faculty Advisors: Mr. Hannah and Ms. Tilly

Nutrition Committee 

Purpose:  Committee members conduct research and inform students in making wiser choices about the foods they consume.

This group of students forms in the fall of the current school year. The committee chairs are Grade 7 and 8 students, and there are representatives from each class on this committee.  This year they are planning the Christmas Dance and will be raising money to purchase food vouchers for Neighbour to Neighbour.  They will also organize a House Breakfast in February to raise money for local children who may be going to school hungry.

Faculty Advisor: Mrs. Pohl

Human Development Committee (HDC) 

Purpose: To create awareness about cultures around the world and provide support to global communities that may need assistance.

The executive committee of the HDC will be selected in early September, and there are representatives from each class on this committee.  This committee is responsible for global outreach projects. They play a key role in educating the Middle School students about the culture and the needs of developing countries; most recently, countries in Africa. The HDC is responsible for several major fundraising and cultural awareness initiatives throughout the school year.

Faculty Advisors: Mr. Mitchell and Mrs. Brunberg 

IT Committee

Purpose:  To develop leadership in students by teaching them to become advocates for the effective use of technology in the classroom.

This year the student it committee will be creating a Middle School IT Website which will include tutorials and tips for students and teachers. Now that the school is going BYOD the role of this committee is extremely important in making sure that students are aware of their online presence and how to appropriately use their devices.

Visual Arts Committee (VAC) 

Purpose: Students take a leadership role in working with the visual arts teacher to advocate for the art program and “bring art to life” through student art displays, preparation for the Arts Night, cross-school art activities, and special events (Christmas Door Decorating Contest). 

This group of students forms in the fall of the current school year. The committee chairs are Grade 8 students, and members consist of students in grades 7 and 8.  Members will be involved in the following:  cross school opportunities (e.g. teaching an art lesson to younger grades), assisting with the yearbook, creating and maintaining Middle School art displays, assisting with the organization of the art gallery for Arts Night, and, organizing the Home form Christmas door decorating contest.

Faculty Advisor: Mrs. Cober

Wellness Committee 

Purpose:  The Health and Wellness committee is dedicated to helping the members of the Middle School become healthy individuals.  They organize the Middle School participation in a school-wide Wellness fundraising event.

This group of students forms in the fall of the current school year. Each year the Middle School supports one major wellness initiative.  In the current school year, this committee will be organizing a school-wide event for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.  In the past, they have supported the Terry Fox Foundation, the Canadian Diabetes Association, and the MS Society.  Students assist with the organization and advertising for this event.

Faculty Advisors: Mme. Camus & Mrs. King 

Athletic Committee 

Purpose:  To assist the athletic staff with the organization of teams in the Middle School.  

This is an opportunity for individuals to expand their organizational skills within an athletic setting.

Staff Avisor:  Mr. Masotti 

Student Ambassadors – Working with the Admissions Department 

Purpose:  Student Ambassadors are an important part of show-casing our school for new families

Members run tours on Open House Days, and they are often asked to attend special functions on behalf of the school

Staff Advisor:  Mrs. Heath-Johnston


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