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Supplies Lists

Click on the links below to download Supplies Lists for Grades 5-8:

Grade 5 Supplies 

Grade 6 Supplies 
Grade 7 Supplies 
Grade 8 Supplies 

English - Summer Reading Lists/Activities

Each summer, the English Department issues recommended activities for Middle School students, including suggested readings and creative writing opportunities. 
Incoming Grade 6s | Incoming Grade 7s | Incoming Grade 8s

English - Other Resources/Review Materials

The "Be a Better Writer" Summer Review package is a helpful resource and is recommended for students new to HSC's Grades 7 or 8. Our grade 8 graduates can find the Senior School Summer Reading List hereVisit the resource-filled Middle School English Department Website. Students who have been using Wordly-Wise can also continue to build their vocabularies using their HSC Wordly-Wise licence.

Mathematics - Year Review Materials

Incoming Grade 6s
Review package
Review package answers

Incoming Grade 7s
Review package
Review package answers
Practice test
Practice test answers 

Incoming Grade 8s

- need a fun refrehser? All students have access to the activities, games and resources on mathletics over the summer to practise their skills.

Integers app (Apple Store) - a great app for building speed and confidence with integer operations (note: the grade 8 course begins with a review of integers and students are expected to be proficient in this area)

Problem solving - the Gauss contest website is an excellent place to build confidence in problem solving and contest writing. Full solutions are provided. Begin with Level A problems and work up to level B and C problems as confidence builds. 
Want a challenge? Try a grade 8 contest.

Year end review
- was there a particular topic that was a challenge this year? If so, use the year end review to go back and practise that particular concept or use the practice test to assess your readiness for Grade 8. 

Our Recent Grade 8 Graduates:

HSC is offering a 4-day Math Essentials review starting August 29. Details are here.

Please note that newly-enrolled students will not have access to Mathletics.

Mathematics - Links/Resources
Here is a website for Problem Solving that can be used for all students from grade 5-8.

Visual Art Summer Activities Pack

Ms Fleming has put together an engaging activities package for all Visual Arts students. Stay creative while reviewing key artistic concepts! 


Please email any questions to Mr. Hoad-Reddick, hoadread@hsc.on.ca

Happy Summer!


Adrian Hoad-Reddick,

Vice Principal, Middle School Academics


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