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Welcome to Montessori School

We are a dynamic learning community that engages our students in a personalized journey of discovery and challenge. Our program develops the core values of self-confidence, self-directed learning, independence and respect for others and the environment. Each day in Montessori we celebrate the joy of learning and satisfaction of working with purpose.
- Danielle Hourigan, Montessori School Principal


Welcome to our Montessori School at Hillfield Strathallan College. We are CCMA ACCREDITED, upholding the highest standards of an authentic Montessori education.  We offer a program that serves 18 months to 9 year olds.

An HSC Montessori education attends to:

  • Each individual student's ability and preferred learning style.
  • The cultivation of universal values which include self-respect, self-discipline, moral development, empathy and peacefulness.
  • The construction of knowledge through active learning involving concrete experience, reflective observation and abstract conceptualization.
  • work through freedom of choice, self evaluation and a heightened sense of responsibility for their learning.

Our uniquely trained Montessori staff implement strategies that guide the students in their life long educational journey.

Danielle Hourigan
Montessori School Principal


Hillfield Strathallan College. 299 Fennell Avenue West, Hamilton, ON L9C 1G3 | Tel: (905) 389-1367