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Accreditation of our Montessori Programme

The Canadian Council of Montessori Administration (CCMA) is a national accrediting body that ensures that Montessori programs meet the highest standards of an authentic Montessori education.           

As a part of the accreditation process, our staff engaged in meaningful reflection of their practice to assess the many ways we attend to the needs of our students.  Taking the time to frequently observe their students as they worked, as well as, observe the classes of their colleagues, drew their attention to whether or not the key principles which reflect our Montessori philosophy were being supported.  Evidence rather than theory guided staff to sustain or improve their practice.  For example, it was imperative that different learning styles, abilities and interests were being catered to, as well as, the freedom of choice that enabled their student to be self directed.  Adhering to the key principles of the Montessori philosophy – individualized learning, academic excellence, self direction, a love of learning and respect for others – was the main lens through which the CCMA consultants evaluated the authenticity of our program.  After visiting the classes and meeting with the students and teachers, here are some of the comments that are written in the consultants’ reports: 

“We observed joyful, independent children engaged in purposeful activities.” 
“A high caliber of academic success is being achieved.” 
“Throughout our visit the staff modeled teamwork and collaboration speaking highly of the support they find working together.”    
“Respect appears to be a characteristic of the school.” 
“The teachers worked together with the children demonstrating respect, using a calm, effective tone.” 
“The Montessori teachers championed the reflective process required in an accreditation.” 
“Opportunities for cooperation, collaboration, social interaction and work between the students were offered.” 
“The Montessori program of HSC is second to none!”

These comments touched on the very essence of a Montessori program which is directly aligned with the educational priorities of HSC.  They captured our individualized approach in a safe, nurturing environment, with the building of leadership qualities and strong academic skills.  

Celebrating our 45th year of the Montessori program here at HSC, we recall with pride the many successful graduates, the supportive parents and the dedicated staff who modeled a professional learning community and created wonderful experiences for so many.  

The CCMA consultants were:

Nancy Coyle – Director of Teachers Training at the Toronto Montessori Institute

Debbie Johnson – Principal of Tall Pines Schools

Mina Shamji – Principal of Sunshine Montessori School of Kitchener

Katherine Poyntz- Executive Director of CCMA

Virgina Ramirez – Principal of North Start Montessori School 

For more information on CCMA, please visit the website.


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