Montessori School

The Montessori "Prepared Environment"

Our Montessori learning environment was carefully designed to meet the needs of young children in a Montessori setting. This "Prepared Environment" offers an optimal learning design to facilitate exploration and discovery in safe and nurturing setting.

The Classrooms

Each room is equipped with the full range of Montessori materials that are required for the mixed ages and stages of the students within that class. All classrooms:

  • have the appropriate size furniture and shelves
  • have easily accessible washrooms
  • are inter-connected to each other and to a large piazza work and meeting space
  • have individual lockers
  • have a large area for floor work

The French Room

This separate classroom is designed to accommodate groups of students in a rotary schedule, enhancing and consolidating the individualized work done in the home rooms. Students:

  • are spoken to in French at all times by Madame
  • enjoy songs and simple expressions beginning at age 3
  • learn to listen to and repeat verbal responses
  • engage in spontaneous conversation
  • build their vocabulary
  • learn to write in French
  • perform skits 

The Music Room

The goal of the music program is for students to enhance their musical intelligence with skill development through:

  • communication
  • listening
  • movement
  • theory
  • performances
  • integration

Our music specialist works in collaboration with each teacher to integrate music and drama within the classroom.


The Gymnasiums/Athletic Fields

Built and maintained for the needs of our students. These facilities enable students:

  • to develop a wide variety of physical and athletic skills
  • to be instructed by qualified physical education staff and coaches
  • to have access to a wide range of equipment
  • to participate in interscholastic team sports

The Elementary Learning Commons

Our Learning Commons and staff:

  • support our resource rich classroom programs
  • work in collaboration with classroom teachers

The Living Room

The Swap Centre is an interactive children's museum. Students:

  • are encouraged to collect or swap certain items of interest eg. shells, minerals, stamps, etc.
  • develop research skills appropriate to their age and stage of learning, as they explore and classify collected items.

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