Montessori School


A relationship between home and school built on trust, understanding, and mutual support is crucial to a child's success.

  • An OPEN DOOR POLICY encourages parents to visit classes in session once or twice a year to gain a clearer understanding of their child's approach to learning at school.
  • We hold MONTHLY EVENING MEETINGS which are scheduled on our College's calendar. These meeting cover a wide range of topics and provide an opportunity to build this partnership with your child's teacher.
  • Parent/Teacher CONFERENCES are scheduled twice throughout the year or at any other time when a need arises.
  • Written PROGRESS reports are mailed at the end of each of the three terms.
  • Invitations to attend SPECIAL EVENTS i.e. orientations, concerts, open houses, fairs, etc. are sent from time to time.
  • Discussing an area of concern that might arise is only a phone call or e-mail away at any given time throughout the year.

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