Senior School

Academic Program in Senior School 

At HSC, we are very proud of our long tradition of teaching excellence and success in preparing young people for continued formal studies at institutions of higher learning. Our community is a nurturing one which values the unique contributions of every student.  We believe strongly that a differentiated approach to teaching and learning is the most effective way to generate a student-centred climate where the individual learning needs and strengths of each of our students can be successfully addressed. 

In the Senior School we offer a comprehensive and challenging academic program. As a Ministry of Education inspected school, our courses follow the provincial curriculum expectations. As an independent school, we aim to meet and exceed these learning expectations. We offer a variety of enrichment opportunities to highly capable students from Grade 9-11 through unique programs such as the Enriched Math Program at Grades 9 and 10, the Enriched French Program at Grade 9, and Pre-AP Chemistry, Physics, Biology, History and Merged Advanced Functions Grade 10s and 11s. Selection into these academic enrichment programs is limited and based upon criteria such as interviews with the course instructors, written applications, final marks from the previous academic year, PSAT results, and the HSC entrance and scholarship exam results. 

To view the complete listing of the courses offered in the Senior School, and to learn more about our academic policies and programs, please click on the link to the 2014/15 Academic Calendar. 


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