College Life


Every Middle and Senior School student belongs to one of four Brother/Sister House combinations. The choice may be by family/alumni affiliation or by random selection considering the enrollment balance for all Houses. If you have a relative in the College and wish your child to be in the corresponding House, please contact the Vice-Principal.

The House system provides a vertical continuum for the purpose of counselling, special activities and competition. There are several prizes awarded annually for the Houses contributing the most to the College.

Each House is supervised by staff members and student House officials. In the Middle School, the Co-Captains are voted into office by the other students in the Houseand by faculty. Elections are held in June for the next school year.

Students are awarded points for achievement in academics and activities. The number of points depends on the type of activity and the level of involvement, contribution and success. There are awards granted at various levels of point accumulation.


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