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HSC uses a BYOD “BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE” model for individual technology access for students in grades 5 to 12 and some students in grade 4. This means that students/families have the choice of device(s) they will use for academic purposes to fulfill the educational requirements of the program. HSC provides resources for specific technology courses such as Design and Communications Technology and GIS (Geographical Information Systems) and for students in Junior and Montessori Schools. Faculty use Surface Pro tablets as prescribed devices for educational and administrative work and may also use BYOD to complement the HSC resources.

 The BYOD program supports the transformation in teaching and learning focused on student-centred learning and the provisions of the strategic plan known as Towards 2020. HSC supports both PC, Mac and Android platforms to offer individual choice and the full campus has wireless access in all areas that are dedicated student learning spaces. 

Based on our in-house research with students and teachers, we have determined that a laptop tool serves the greatest array of educational needs at this point for all students and that there are some limitations with current tablet (iPad style) devices for full academic work. We found that students prefer to bring multiple devices for a variety of purposes; this remains a personal choice and is not a requirement of the College. Typically, students are well equipped with a laptop and smartphone, depending on their age and stage. We are all aware of the rapid change and continuous evolution in the technology world and being flexible and adaptable to change are key to the success of technology use and integration to make student learning most effective and efficient. 

Students are required to authenticate their access via the HSC Connect login on a daily basis. New students and parents/guardians must sign the Acceptable User Agreement (AUA)as part of their enrolment contract. For returning students, the AUA is approved by parents/guardians annually and by students in September. The provisions of the AUA are aligned with the College Code of Conduct to consider and address respect for self and others and to support a safe, caring environment for all students.


To provide students and parents with more detailed information about specific requirements for devices and expectations, we have created a BYOD Handbook that elaborates on the following areas: 

1. The WHY of BYOD
2. Types of Devices – user needs, purchasing, software options
3. Registering Devices for Wireless Access – no registration required
4. HSC Expectations
5. FAQ
6. General Care of the Device
7. Technical Specifications

Questions about BYOD implementation can be addressed through the following  contacts:

1. Phone contact to IT manager Brad D’Hondt 905-389-1367, ext. 111
2. E-mail contact to or to
3. Contact with School Principals

We will revise the handbook and provide updates, as appropriate, based on inquiries and new developments that support BYOD access. 


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