College Life

Features of Online Learning

Group work, self-pacing, and communication

The ELCC courses use Blackboard as the content management and communication platform. There are multiple tools that support group work, live chats/discussions and asynchronous communication. In support of collaboration and social learning, the class generally works together through the course in a designated time frame; that said, there is provision for self-pacing for completion of assignments and personal research.

Daily workload and exams

Students are expected to be online every weekday for about 5 to 6 hours to complete daily tasks. Individuals will manage their own work schedules; times for live chats will be determined by the participants and the instructor. There will be assignment deadlines and tests throughout the month of July or August. Any exams will be written at the host school or if a student is not in the local area, the student may arrange for an exam to be proctored in an alternate location. Culminating assessments may also occur online (e.g. via Skype)

IT support

Each school will provide IT support through the instructor, the site administrator or IT services at the school. It is extremely important that participants seek help right away so that they do not lag behind work completion if there are IT problems. Often students prefer to receive IT help through friends or other students in the course.

Benefits of ELCC on-line courses

  • All teachers are certified e-learning instructors through UOIT
  • Enriched academic experiences using current, interactive, web-based tools
  • High quality, supportive, frequent and timely teacher feedback 
  • Opportunities for collaboration with other students
  • Strong balance of structure and flexibility to meet each student’s needs
  • Low student – teacher ratios



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