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Legacy Gifts at Work

Each year, people like Hoda & Ron are helping to ensure that future generations of students will benefit from an HSC education by arranging their legacy gift to Hillfield Strathallan College. You, too, can make a difference in our students’ educational experience by planning a gift to HSC through your estate.

To learn more about Legacy Giving, contact Marnie Helmy, Manager of Advancement at or 905-389-1367 ext. 107.

Hoda’s Legacy

What is your history with HSC?

Both my children started school at HSC when they were three years old and have been there ever since.  They have both since graduated, and are successfully pursuing a higher education.

Tell us about the legacy that you have chosen to leave HSC.

My legacy gift is in the form of an insurance policy with HSC as the beneficiary.  It is an easy way to give back to the school without financial strain.  If I was aware of this method of support when my children began at HSC in 1994, I would have multiplied the size of the gift for the same premiums I am currently paying, as younger parents pay lower premiums. 

What inspired you to make this gift?

I wanted to give back to the school in appreciation for all that it means to my children. I realized that this is a simple and significant, yet not financially exhaustive way for our family to achieve this goal.

What is your personal vision for HSC?

My vision is that HSC continues to grow as an independent school with all its values to provide a safe and motivating environment for generations to come.

In your view, how will this gift help HSC to make that vision become a reality?

The long-term welfare of HSC depends largely on its ability to plan for the future.  Legacy giving is one of the tools by which current parents are able to contribute to the future success of HSC without exhausting their financial resources.

Ron’s Story

I grew up in the East End of Hamilton.  My Dad was a factory worker and my Mother worked hard at her own retail business. We lived at the back of the store. It was small but it was very special. When my parents decided to send me to HSC they sat down with me and explained in real terms what a big commitment this was for them. They had both grown up in the Depression and they wanted me to have a better opportunity than they had. Consequently, they were prepared to sacrifice a lot to provide this opportunity, and because of that I felt it was important for me to make the most of it.

Right from the beginning I knew that this was a special experience and while I was not a great student academically, I did work hard to try and take advantage of College life as a whole. I was fortunate enough to represent HSC on the Football, Hockey and Cricket teams as well as serve in a number of other school life capacities, finally ending up as President of the Student’s Council, Head of House and Head Prefect in my final year. While I loved growing up in the East End of Hamilton I knew I didn’t want to stay there forever. I valued the lessons I learned ‘on the street’ as much as the ones I learned in the classroom--many in fact were more valuable. My parents had given me a special gift and the opportunity to attend HSC laid the foundation for many good things to follow.

Years later, after having had some degree of success in business, I thought about how I might best show my appreciation to the College and my respect for my parents. I decided to create a win/win opportunity and bring together my school and my roots. So, I put a provision in my Will to help facilitate an educational experience for some deserving youngster in the same area of the city where I grew up in. I have always felt very blessed that I attended HSC. It gave me the self-confidence that I could do whatever I set out to do. At the end of the day there is probably nothing more powerful or liberating than the belief that you can chart your own course in life. I hope that my small contribution might inspire or at least cause others to think about how they might creatively contribute to the College. I think that if we can get people excited about planning their giving to HSC and visibly demonstrate that there are various ways to contribute then this might open up a whole new area of potential for the College in the future.


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