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Heritage Food Group
50 Bancroft Street
Hamilton, ON L8E 2W5

Contact: Jim Faulkner, Vice President
Tel: (905) 561-2345
T.F 1-877-945-2345
Fax: (905) 578-4719

Heritage Food Group is a vertically integrated food manufacturer with over 30 years of experience. We specialize in processing premium quality fresh/frozen poultry, beef, pork, seafood and produce.

Heritage Food Group offers you, your family and friends custom select food packages from our extensive range of premium quality products designed to suit your lifestyle. All of our products are Canadian Certified and our manufacturing facilities are both federally and provincially inspected, thereby offering consumers the highest grade of product available in the market place.

Heritage Food Group is proud to participate in the HSC Partnership Program. We are pleased to offer an introductory promotional allowance of $200.00 for our Gold Package (valued at $4,782.59), $150.00 for our Silver Package (valued at $3,549.39) and $100.00 for our Bronze Package (valued at $2,670.49) to all alumni, parents, faculty, or staff.

These deluxe packages are custom tailored to your family’s needs and are based upon 10 months of average consumption per household.  Each package contains top AAA or higher Canadian beef, premium poultry, Ontario pork, natural environmental seafood and premium selected produce. 

Each portion is individually wrapped, vacuum-sealed and carefully labeled for easy identification.  This method locks in the flavour and preserves the freshness.  Time after time, each meal will be as delicious and pleasurable as the first.

If you are not completely satisfied with any of our products, we will replace that product.  We will not argue with a customer – we just fix it!  We believe in the quality of our products and service so much so that we put it in writing!

When anyone affiliated with HSC purchases a Gold, Silver or Bronze Package, Heritage Food Group is pleased to donate 4% of the gross price of that package to the HSC Excelsior Annual Giving Campaign.


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